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: Questions 26 of March 08
Rodger finds out something disturbing and wonders the facts of life. He wonders what it would be like to date a dragon and the problems that might cause. After just turning 8 he is mature enough to fully answer this question and then some! Read on!

: Questions 29th oct 07
Rodger talks about his arcading experience with the boys. It's hard when you're a donkey, but even harder when you're good at games. Rodger explains how he kicks ass and how bad the other team members are at games.

: Questions 10th Sept, 07
Rodger gets asked the serious questions about booze and Dance Dance Revolution and explains how Doug is stealing Rodgers "thunder"

: Questions 14th of Aug, 07
We welcome Rodger to his own section on the website. Where real life people ask him questions!

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