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: Wii love to rip off
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you left your Wii in the car on the hottest day of the year in full sun? Well without losing a large sum of money in wondering, the next best thing is here! The already deformed Digitron! This wonderful rip-off proves the once again people have no shame in letting this beast of a machine loose in the country!

: Do Ebay people even know what a console looks like?
We were shocked, when we saw this on the main page of ebay.com.au. Now we are wondering if the people at Ebay actually know what a game console looks like? What else is wrong? Read on...

: Whats Wrong with Super Mario Galaxy? (Wii)
Finally, we get our hands on this kick ass game, being the last country on earth to get a copy. If you listen to what has been said by other reviewers, this game has nothing really to complain about. But no matter how good a game is, you can still highlight the things that annoyed the crap outta you. Don't expect positive things in this review as too many people have already done that. By the ranting man, Doug. Read on!

: Nerdisum for cars?
Benny J realises that either geeks are getting out of the house, or realises that he is a geek for noticing the fact that this number plate reminds him of something. Read on!

: New Wii accessory
Could this be one of the most dumbest inventions of this time? or possibly one of the most coolest things we don't really need? Nyko's new prototype product is up for review and we think its cool and we will tell you why! read on! Nyko! Please send us one! we will road test the living hell out of it.

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