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: Strife (PC)
Remember when DOS actually meant something to people and back when games had gore ratings? Jasmine takes a look at Strife. A game based on the Doom engine and is often forgotten about and we think it's a damn shame. Read on!

: Duck Hunt (NES)
Jasmine looks back to the game that came with the NES Action pack. What has been seen as a classic isn't remembered just for the ducks but for a character that has annoyed gamers for many years to come. Even with the cheating that went on with people holding the zapper right up to the television, it's still a fun game that deserves to be in Gaming Gold. Read on!

: Space Quest 3 (PC)
The Space Quest universe gets more interesting in the third installment of this satire-gone-crazy adventure. Rodger Wilco is always in the wrong place at the wrong time, but we wouldn't have it any other way. This game highlights what is missing in games today. Read on!

: Captain America and the Avengers (Mega Drive/Genesis)
Avengers Assemble! This is a game that will get comic book fans' blood pumping! Check out what the ultimate geek, Benny J, had to say about it!

: Trog (NES)
While Trog may be a game that is often forgotten, its charm and overall cuteness wins people over. What some see as "Pacman with a skin put on it", we see as fun for all ages in 2 player glory. Read how Doug finds this game after all these years.

: Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Master System)
While Stacy may want to be Alex Kidd's wife, she looks back at what started her desire for Mr Kidd. She actually loved the game that everyone seems to remember as the "free game that was built into the Master System 2". The question remains; was Alex Kidd overshadowed by other mascots? Or was the market just not ready to see a Janken match as "cool"? Read on!

: X-men (Mega Drive/Genesis)
Benny J explains that not all book or movie based IP's have to suck. This one is actually good. To sum it up :


Read on!

: Track and Field in Barcelona (NES)
Doug realises that if a game looks like shit, it can still be great fun and simple ideas can often make for a great game. A $5 bargain bin game, turned out to be an uncountable amount of Saturdays having comps with mates to see how far we could get.


: Kings Arthurs World (SNES)
Doug looks back on a game that isn't really known about, but ensures us that it’s great and if you want lemmings with a plot this game is for you. Read on!

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