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: Heracles (Ps2)
While maybe having a decent looking cover, don't let this game fool you. What is hidden inside the case, is a game that has a story that even a preschooler would find primitive and game play that is more annoying than fun. Read on to see how Doug explains his pain.

: Surfs Up (Wii)
Think about how good Wake Boarding Unleashed on PS2 was, now replace the wake board with a surfboard, take away people and replace with penguins and a chicken, replace the polished sound track with B grade tunes and make the game play feel retarded and restrictive, then you have this horrible excuse for a cash in.

: Beverly Hills Cop (PS2)
  Doug realises for the 9837th time that 'movie to game' games lost the plot a very long time ago.  What's worse is that it's based on one of his favourite movies - ever!  What's even worse is that it's a Euro/Aus only budget game!  What do you get when you take away Eddie Murphy and humour?  This piece of crap.  A boycott must occur, banning all 'movie to games'.  The pain must stop now. What sucks about this game? Pretty much everything. Read on.

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