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: Why do we do this?

We are a bunch of people from Australia and the UK who love gaming, but are sick of the typical news stories; they are good don't get us wrong, but fail in pointing out the lighter side and the memories associated with gaming. While we often take the piss out of anything we can in games, we realise that a big chunk of our childhood memories are older games, and now that we are "old" we can also see another side.

It started as an idea to highlight areas of gaming that made us go "Wtf!?” For example: Why are there watermelons in a missile silo? Originally the project was called "Gamedero" but so not to limit us to just an Aussie audience, it was decided that Donkeygamer would be a more appropriate name.

The team is diverse, both in tastes and writing styles, which works well to bring a new level of satire to gaming websites. We hope to prove that 'non-gaming' aspects of gaming can also be worth talking about.

Please remember we do this all for free. We don't get free games; we pay for our own hosting and video capture hardware. We have lost count on the amount of money that we have invested into this site, we do this for the love and nothing else!

Since 2007 Donkeygamer.com