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Welcome to the Features section. This page explains the sections of Donkeygamer and what they are about.

Retro Tears is the section where we review the games that made us annoyed or made us cry in frustration. Games reviewed in this section detail the childhood pain experienced playing these classics, covering all gaming platforms including PC.

Gaming Gold highlights great games which for some unknown reason weren't as well known. This section covers a lot of games, including many PAL titles that never made the light of day in the USA.

Budget Hell reviews the overall bad quality of cheap games; most of which are rushed and generally incomplete to cash in on people who don't have a lot of money.

We are very passionate about gaming. So this is were we rant about things that annoy us in the gaming world.

Retro is now the new cool. We have a look at remakes and new games based on old franchises!

For years now, gaming consoles have been expanding into music and rhythm games which promote fitness. We look at a deeper side of music dancing games and explain why we do what we do.

Everybody Poops Channel is a review of the questions found on the Wii channel "Everybody Votes". Doug reviews questions on a regular basis detailing what he voted and his ideas on what most people will vote for.

Random! is the section were we post stories about other gaming material that doesn't fit into any other section. Expect a lot of stories about weird devices, new possible games and so on.

Our mascot, Rodger is here to answer questions that you’re dying to ask. He's honest and straight to the point. Just don't ask him questions about food - he gets a bit uptight.

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