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Like talking about anything Gaming? Want to make donkeygamer more awesome?

: Our family and sites we love!

Facebook Page : Our official Facebook profile. You can find Team members and our fans here.

Stacy Kidd : Stacy is a hardcore retrogamer and our first and only overseas team member. Feel free to check out her page, just don't make any bad Alex Kidd jokes to her.

Retro-Replay : Everything retro!

Fighting Connection : News and profiles about everything Beat-em-up. This is a up and coming website so keep an eye out.

Queens of the Pwn Age : This yet again proves that Scottish people know how to review and make you fall over laughing. We love these guys, so support them!

Coin-op Tv : Awesome online television show on thestream.tv network. Check it out!

The Game Heroes : You will most likely remember these guys from ScrewAttack. What you liked from the former, is back and better than ever!

Arcade Horror : Aussie gaming site. Like us, they are a bunch of people that love new and old skool gaming and love reporting it!

Ozmodchips : We love these guys! The best place to get your console needs. Cheapest place for gaming, cables, controllers, etc. These guys help us out with comps and advice whenever we need it :).

Metroid Metal : Nothing can explain how awesome this is! Metroid + Metal = Rad.

Dallas Clark : The nerdiest news ever, but for some reason we can't help but read it.

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