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: Super Mario Maker (Wii U)

Super Mario Maker is one of those games, you would of loved to have as a kid, when your reflexes were sharper and your imagination wasn't clogged with adult things. Doug proves that it doesn't matter about age, it doesn't necessarily mean your good at level design. Read on!

: Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is only half a game?
This is proof yet again that Australia gets screwed over when it comes to game releases. What should of been a celebration of being able to wifi with our mates, turns out to be a major let down and which also makes us wonder why. Doug highlights the facts and rants about his own conclusions.

: Return sale hell
Stacy realises that now Christmas trade is finally over, a far worse form of 'sale' begins.. Returns! Read on and Stacy will make you think twice about flippantly tossing a receipt in the bin. Read on!

: Wii'd off
Stacy has her first rant on the state of the world and how much a certain gaming company is making life hard for everyone this christmas, if you live in the UK that is.

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