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: Myst (PC)
Jasmine goes back to a game that started the full motion video based revolution of adventure gaming, which is now mostly forgotten, we must look back and wonder how we ever thought this was cool. Read on!

: Neighbours (ZX Spectrum)
Neighbours, what can we say. It's a game that is so bad that it wasn't even released in the country that started it all. But that turns out to be a blessing. Doug looks at the game and a system that is almost unheard of outside the UK. 

: Hard Drivin (Mega Drive/Genesis)
Stacy has a look at a game that may look impressive on the cover, but once again this proves that you can't judge a game just on it's artwork. The thrill of being on an empty road with brick graphics might just be too much for some people. Read on!

: Outlander (Mega Drive/Genesis)
Outlander is a game which many probably have never really played or heard of. We guess that most people would probably want to keep it that way. Benny J explains why this game may look the goods, but fails like there’s no tomorrow.

: Battletoads (NES)
What seems to be a great game is tainted by its overly unjustified difficulty. What is seen as a classic, should be seen as the game that caused adults and kids to swear every 10 seconds. If you know anyone with a short temper, ask them if they ever played Battletoads. If their answer is yes... then that explains a lot. Doug rants like only he knows how.

: Captain America and the Avengers (NES)
BennyJ looks back on this game, explaining how while being good, made him want to throw a brick at it at the same time . What was a fun thing to do on the weekend turned out, rather than  a pleasure, to be a pain in the ass; but he wouldn't have it any other way. Read On!


: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)

Dougs relives the hell that was his childhood over this game. He assures us he actually likes the game now, even though it's a huge joke these days.

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