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: Do Ebay people even know what a console looks like?

Remember to use Ebay for all of your Christmas needs. That's if you know what you're actually buying! What ever you do, don't let the adverts change your buying habits, as seen below!

Now I direct you to the "Nintendo Gamecube". Did Nintendo bring out a GameCUBE lite and not tell anyone? More to the point, I find it funny that the people at Ebay posted a picture of what they think is a Gamecube, but after much research we've discovered it's a game box or a DS carry case. I'm also pretty sure that Brain Age 2 isn't even out here yet (nice one with the USA box art). That's sure to piss of "Big N"!

I could imagine a mother or father buying one of these "Gamecubes" for their kids for Christmas. Watch the reaction of the kid!

Dad: Heres that Gamecube you wanted son.
Son: You SOB, this is a joke!!!!!
Dad: What? It's a Nintendo Gamecube. It said it was on Ebay's site!
Son: Get off your ass Dad and go to EB games like everyone else!

Happy holidays!.... Not if you got a "Nintendo Gamecube" though.

Ranted by Doug

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