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: Questions 29th oct 07

So, the site has been "drowned" by questions this month. I only received ONE question. Really sad, but its a good one.

Terry asks "Rodger, do you and the boys go down the arcade? If so, how do you fair against the others?"

Good question Terry. I talked Doug into taking me to the arcade. He is a bit scared that I will kick his ass at DDR but I talked him into it. Benny J decided to come and join the fun. Beating Doug every time we play a game gets boring! Time for some new matches.

Yeah Benny J cant handle me whooping his ass on DDR. Then again Doug can't either.

So after a couple of rounds of DDR and getting into the spirit of gaming out side of my "cardboard box" of living conditions.

Hahaha guess who's on the other side, just kicked Benny J's ass again. Bet on the Donkey!

After owning at yet another game and showing off about it. You can clearly see the pain I caused Benny J. Maybe that's why I'm not allowed out the house much. I mean it must be off putting getting your ass handed to you by a 30cm tall donkey.


On to round three, police training game. At this point the boys are getting shitty because I'm kicking all there asses. So I figured, well I'll be light on them and play some light gun games. Lets face it being 30 cm's doesn't help matters.

It started off bad until I got the bonus points before Ben got them. I played against Doug, but he didn't last the second round then again either did Ben this would explain the next few pictures.


Oh that's original Benny, No one has pretended to shoot someone with a light gun since Dunk Hunt came out in 1985.

And Doug probably hasn't won a game since 1985.

Beware of Dog? Should be Beware of Donkey!

Onto round four and it just keeps getting better and better. Next is air hockey. You must be asking yourself, "How does a donkey the size of a DDR arrow, play air hockey?". Well the answer is simple, I simply glide across the table. I kinda feel like superman when I'm playing its awesome.

Benny J's one and only point. You can see the shock on my face as I look at my goal. I still won but :D.

Even though Doug looks like a bad ass, he really can't play this game for #$@!.

At the end of the day it was a great outing. I have to make the most of it because they are probably pissed off at me at the moment. I can't help it if I'm a god at gaming. Time to hit the booze. Until next time.

Be sure to send in more questions next time!

Ranted by Rodger "the" Donkey

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