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: Questions 14th of Aug, 07
Rodger has kindly offered us to answer some questions sent in by people, in an attempt to be one of the coolest mascots around... yet he keeps saying we don't feed him enough.

Ron from Perth asks: "Dear Rodger.. there's this girl I really like in school what do I do?"

Do I look like Dr Love? It's a gaming site, but ok... let's see... whatever you do, don't mention you like games. Girls see this as a sign of weakness.. if they ask, you say... you play a Xbox 360... makes you more of a man...yet not a man that would spend a grand on a ps3 because that's just "I have a rich dad" syndrome and I wouldn't say Wii as it's for pussies, unless shes one of these girls that loves the Wii. Heheheh! I didn't mean it like that sounded, or did I?

Dan F from A.C.T asks : "Rodger, how did you get the name?"

Buggered if I know, Doug wanted to call me something, that people would remember me by, lucky he didn't go the easy way out and call me something lame like Donk, but I'm sure it crossed his mind.

Greg from Perth asks: "Rodger, what's your favorite game"

People think I love Shrek games so I can play as the donkey. As if I give a rats !@#$ about that. I rather not play games then that crap. Ok back to the question; I would have to say Zelda on the 64, I giggled like a little school girl when I saw the carrot meter when you ride the horse, made me hungry.

Suddy from Melbourne asks: "Rodger, why do you like carrots, I mean !@$# carrots?"

Remember I'm a donkey, carrots are like your "big macs"? Well I do have a limited range of food I can have so carrots are like the best!. Do you see a "donkeys" section on the McDonalds menu? I rest my case.

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