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: Wii love to rip off

The Wii is a funny looking piece of equipment. The over glaring white shiny plastic is clashing "all black" home entertainment systems all over the world. When I first saw the Wii, I thought it looked like it had just escaped from an IKEA store, expect it was actually built and you didn't have to almost kill yourself to assemble it.

Anyway I'm getting off topic here. One of our fans, Hayly sent us in this picture of a gaming console that just came into her work. This knock off, which is just another "repacked" deal of that 16bit console that you always see every Christmas in shopping malls, that hopes to lure a parent into thinking that their child would actually want one.

"Sorry mate, they sold out of Wii's for the 20358371th time, Happy Birthday!"

The deformed "fun brick" will bring hours of frustration of "cheap ass" gaming. This "wonder fun brick" will cost you a total of $50 and you get seven shitty games. However, I did notice these games are a lot better then such Wii classics as Super Fruit Fall and that GT game that looked like it was made for a Playstation One, running at half power with a faulty video output.

Ranted by Doug

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