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: Questions 26 of March 08

Anna asks "Rodger, I just watched Shrek 3 and I noticed the donkey dragons. Is this actually possible? Any dragon babies for you Rodger?

Well I had to asked Doug to show me this movie, I never heard of Shrek before because Doug kept it to himself so I didn't get annoyed to see a Donkey getting famous before me. But after turning 8 I'm more of a refined kind of Donkey.

I seriously don't know how you can have "intercourse" with a dragon? Were would you start? She could fly off mid "act" and drop you and you'd fall to your death! Would give a new definition to "extreme sports"! I mean the size of my "Man donkey" is about the size of her fingernail, so how the hell can that work?

Have you noticed in the movie that one of the baby's looked retarded?

Have a look at the third one along. This is what is wrong with donkey-dragon "mating"!

More importantly though, how could you date a dragon in the first place? These are my two points of why dating a dragon would be difficult:

1. Stalking: As they can fly, they can see where you are at any giving time, but remember they cant do it in the afternoon as they cast too much shadow. It's rather funny when the place would just turn black.

Random : "Why did the sky just go dark?"
Me : "That's my stalker dragon"
Random : "oh your @$%$'ed!"

2. Talking subject matter: Remember a life of a dragon would be hell crazy, imagine this....

I come home then ....

Me : "Hi honey I'm home"
Dragon : "Hey baby, how did your day go?"
Me : "Just worked and kicked Doug and Ben's arse at Goldeneye for the countless time, how did your day go?"
Dragon : "Oh, you know just burnt a few houses on fire and scared people all day, it's funny watching people run."
Me : "Oh, lovely.... well I got to run... I mean walk."

How weird would that be? Imagine if you went to therapy with her then watch her fire up when it gets heated, but in this instance it would be literally.

As for the second half of the question, about if I would have baby dragon donkeys of my own? Well let's try this. So I figured I'd try on the donkey dating websites in the "sexual" section.


Rodger the Donkey : "Girls, they come and go but high scores are forever!"

Hi I'm Rodger, I am 8 years old in donkey years (not like ... in donkeys years, actual donkey birth years). I like long walks on the beach and talking for hours. But none of that really matters because I'm a stud donkey looking to "mate" with a dragon. I would like to stay alive during this so please be gentle. If you're a nice dragon that doesn't do "extreme sports" please email me!

Send me more questions! Until next time I'll keep kicking everyone's ass at Goldeneye!

Ranted by Rodger

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