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: Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is only half a game?

Australian's are yet again treated like second class citizens when it comes to Nintendo products. Medal of Honor Heros 2 has been the game that Wii owners have been waiting for. Yet again Australia / NZ was the last country to get this game. The idea of having 32 player Internet play was insane and with the high reviews of this game, everyone was excited that finally a serious game was on the Wii.

Did you buy a Wii Zapper in hope that you could have some multi player fun? Well if you did.. you might want to see if you can find that 30day returns receipt. When one person brought Medal of Honor Heroes 2 from there local gaming store, they thought it was weird that it had no mention of the multi player on the front, So they look in the manual and see it has all the multi player bits in there. But what's wrong?

When you boot up the game, there is NO MULTI PLAYER what so ever. They ripped out the ENTIRE multi player component, while still leaving the manual saying there was 32 player multi player. For a game that was marketed more for it's multi-player then it's single player, it's a real slap in the face. More so when other PAL countries had the full multi player experience for months, already and gloating to us about it.

What is another slap in the face that both Nintendo Australia and EA game Australia had the 32 player multi player listed on the site even at the date of release. However as I write this EA and Nintendo has changed there sites, most likely due to a LARGE amount of people asking how to get multi player to work because it's not like the manual says. It turns out it was a printing error. So in other words they couldn't be bothered removing a few pages in the manual from the UK version.

I found this when I went into my local JB Hi Fi store. What I find funny is the fact that they stuck this right outside the box.... so why the hell would you want to buy it?

People think they removed multi player, because EA would most likely want to have there own Australian server to tackle the lag issues and also to take the stress off the international servers. This highlights a few other issues also, like the over excessive board band costs and limits in Australia. But I think it's more to do with EA not wanting to spend money. Just think of all the Pc gaming servers in this country that are completely free. It really amazes me why they couldn't just let us use the international servers even with the occasional lag?

You have to remember that with first person shooters that there is always 2 parts to the game. Take a look at Call of Duty 4, they have a separate exe files for single and multi player making it look like both the single player and multi player make the package. If you don't have multi player in a first person shooter theses day, it's only half a game.

What gets me even more pissed off.. is the fact this game is still FULL PRICE, with half the bloody game missing. EA are offering refunds to people that actually notice that half the game is gone. I think if we get half the game, we should only have to pay for half a game.

I think this is sign of getting screwed over more often. Why didn't Nintendo lay the foot down and say, don't release it if it's not the same as other counties. I feel it's as much Nintendo's fault as it's EA's. If Mario Kart Wii is off-line on the Australian version I will be very pissed off. Nintendo we have supported you all this time and even brought that horrible Aussie bastardised Nintendo Magazine System for years and how can you let us get screwed over like this?

Why don't Nintendo just remove wifi from our systems and cut the costs down and not to get us disappointed because we all ready over the fact, we can't wifi. We would be better off getting Wii updates via carrier pigeon anyway.

Poor pigeon

It's rather disappointing that Nintendo Australia let this happen. We are always behind you, we wait almost forever for stuff to come out. The stocks are always lower then they should be and why the hell doesn't Nintendo Australia have a 1300 Number, why should we have to pay National call charges to just register a Wii? It's disappointing that us Aussies are getting the ass end time after time, at least Microsoft and Sony take the Aussie market more seriously.




Ranted by Doug

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