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: Heracles (Ps2)

Now were do I start with this game. When I saw this game I thought it reminded me of the charm and the fun of the Asterix games. I was so very, very wrong. Heracles suffers from a few "before the game starts" problems, such as the way the intro is done, makes you feel your back in pre school.

Reminds you of a kidie book doesn't?

Real men don't cry?

In the manual it says "As evil Centair has kidnapped Pegasus, your greatest friend! On his own, Heracles must now rescue his friend from Poseidon, God of the deep oceans of the world." That has got to be the most brief story I have ever heard and don't you think it's weird they say "your greatest friend". You don't go in real life "hello this is Jon my greatest friend!". You would probably get bashed.

Anyway, onto the game. The game seems very misleading from the box to the game. On the box the game shows this pretty fun adventure game that doesn't look like its stuck with just moving up a tower. But in reality the game is nothing more then a jump from platform to platform while being in some sort of half asred tower (which has no scaffolding I might add). What is sad is the fact that this is ALL YOU DO in the whole game. It's kinda like an ant stuck at the bottom of a Pringle's packet trying to to out to the top.

Imagine the rat... is a ant... the the tower is a Pringle's packet.... poor rat.

This is what I feel like doing when playing this game.

There is game problems throughout. The background constantly has small black artefacts when you are scrolling around. Another major issue is when you double jump sometimes you can go right through a platform or just fall through it, then yet other times you just bounce off it. It seems totally random the way it glitches as if they programmed it that way, just feels totally wrong.

The music is rather B grade, they should of took notes from games like Caesar and Zeus, but that's asking too much these days. With the quality of solo acts on Myspace, makes me wonder why we are stuck with mediocre midi music.

As you advance further in this game, I feel the creators thought "Hahaha lets make it hard as hell... sif anyone will buy it anyway". In the later levels almost put Battletoad's shaft level to shame. But in this game it's more from the perfectly placed enemies or glitches in some cases.

Overall this game is pretty crap overall, I feel it could of been done alot better. Hearcles sounds like a good franchise and as I write this I find out there is a Hearcles racer. I'm somewhat scared to try it, yet again I like ranting.


Ranted by Doug

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