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: Outlander (Mega Drive/Genesis)

A viscious hatred from the darkest parts of my memory is brought into the light as I brave one of the most frustrating and pointless gaming experiences of my youth. Outlander on the Mega Drive has got to be one of the shittiest games ever created. I know there were some really crappy games bought out in the early 90's which always had the excuse of being under-funded, however this one has, at least the illusion of being a big budget game.

Ok, the sooner I start expressing my disgust, the sooner this review will be over and I can get back to watching Black Books. So you pop the cartridge in and hit the power button (unaware of the severe anger about to engulf your mind). The Opening screen isn't horrible. There's a big shot of the desert and some bikes riding up and down the road with a musical score which reminds me of a better game - Chaos Engine.

So we hit start and instantly you're placed behind the wheel. For the lack of story-line I'm going to assume that this was a "Mad Max" game without the rights. You're a scruffy, hardcore, serves-himelf kinda anti-hero who wanders the desert searching for his next pocket full of shotgun shells and a can of gasoline. This game really is pathetic. It's like they wanted to just take racing/action games one step further but weren't patient enough to wait for a platform which could handle it.

The driving portion of the game feels very similar to another classic game Road Rash. However, in Outlander they really went overboard. There is just too much going on at any given time on the screen. When an enemy is either side of you, a small window pops up with you aiming a shotgun at them. When you've got an enemy or 2 on the screen already, this can be very disctracting.

Something I found odd about this game is the lack of physics... I know it's an early game and I should give it a break if the game developers were restricted by platform limitations but when it comes to common sense, my skin turns a little green. I am of course talking about when the motorcycles bump into your car and push it! Now, I ride a bike and I know damn well that if I bump into a car, it's not going anywhere! Things like that piss me off.

Ok, so now we've run out of gas, or we want to stretch our legs so out of the car we hop. Now in side-scrolling platform mode, I get the distinct feeling my character is based on the Terminator more than anyone else. The controls in this portion of the game are awkward and annoying. Not to mention how pointless it really is. You get out, pick up some weapons and gas, kill some punks and head out in ur car again. Woo! Now that sounds like one hellova game. Drive, stop and fight, drive, stop and fight... kill self.



Play it, make up your own mind if you think I'm judging it too harshly, but I feel the exact same amount of loathing toward this game now as I did 10 years ago. I hope everyone associated with it is now rotting in their well-deserved graves. Till my next completely un-biased review. Stay frosty

Ranted by Benny J

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