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: Week of 24th - 30th of June 07
This week is a interesting one; a few questions that make me ponder what Nintendo were thinking approving some of these questions..  but let's review this weeks questions.

The Gobal Question
This question really made me almost fall off the chair! What were they thinking? Do you have dreams for the future? It might as well say, "Do you honestly think your life is going to get better?"  You can see how I voted, but I can predict that lots of teenieboppers will have voted for yes, as they live in a magical world of Disney and spice girls. I could be wrong, a kid might have the dreams of being an unemployed bum that just gets enough cash to get booze for the night time; guess I can't get in the way of that, but I still vote a big NO on this one.

My Local Questions (Qld, au)
  Hahaha now, this is more like it, a question we can relate to. Well as a kid you are told make your bed or no TV or gaming for you. But when you're older it doesn't mean shit. For me I prefer to have the bed a little unmade so when I get home it looks cozy. Sure it's lazy but why should that change just because you're no longer a kid? So I go with no on this one. I predict there are a lot of suck ups on here so I reckon it will go yes, but yeah think about it... the kids must be being good if they are allowed to use the Wii and a wireless net connection so of course they will make their beds. Then again, kids say F**k these days so I could be wrong.

  Ok, as a guy I find this question just a little, disturbing as, yeah, we never think of going "Brunette" as it's a chicks colour and going full blonde is often considered the "dumbing down of the world as we know it" so I honestly cant really vote 100% on this one. So, I reckon brunette as its the closest to brown, and yeah I reckon people will go with blonde as its the cool thing to do.
Ok, this week had a good lot of questions, can't wait to see what crap comes out next week, but be assured that Donkeygamer will be on it reviewing the questions as they come to hand!

Ranted by Doug

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