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: Mario Kart Wii and why I hate it

I have been a fan of the Mario Kart series since the first game on the snes, The snes version defined fun karting video games. Spin offs such as wacky wheels(which also was great on its own merits) and sunny kart proved that there was a demand for this kind of fun. So excuse me for being even more critital on this one.

Now after loving Mario Kart DS for doing a few awesome things, such as classic tracks and awesome online play! So when I heard a Wii version was comming I allmost lost controll.

Mario Kart wii is bassically another version of mario kart ds with new new features with better graphics and more control configurations then the number of times you'd change your underwear in a week. This isn't a bad thing by any means but the way nintendo has tried to made a controll schemes for every kind of racer which has made it difficult to find out what is the best one. Every config has its plus's and minus's over the others. Most people would love the gamecube controller, but I hate having a cord that is lucky to reach half way to my couch and if I used a wavebird I'd loose rumbe. So, see where I'm going with this.. no controll scheme is deemed perfect. I allmost forgot to meantion the wheel. I am too scared to try this wheel and I am leaving it in the box as I dont want to look like more of a retard with a white wheel that isn't connected to anything and driving in mid air. If I want to drive with a wheel I'll jump into my car and drive somewhere, it's a gimick and I'm sure we are running out of space due to all the add-ons latley.

Just like the real thing

One thing that every reviwer has failed to meantion is the way they designed the overall look of menus. I was shocked that I wasn't indroduced to a fun and colour full cut scene or bright still picture like all the other games. The style they used for the menus seemed very un-mario like and more like what codemasters do on there racing game menus with Top gear like UK like electro music. It's ok but I expected better.

This game also introduces 12 player play. Which in my mind is a very bad idea and I will tell you why. 8 players was a perfect number in terms of playability and overall fun. But 12 is too crazy and as you would know the further down the pack you are the more likley you will get a crazy powerup and sometimes a 12th placed player can get a spike and bugger up your 1st postition. It's just too much I think.

Powerups are just downright bullshit in this game. I was 1st for the first 2 laps then this happened.

Got hit by a red shell
Got hit by one spike shell
Got hit by two green shells
Then got that squid thing on my screen

This happened about 3 quatuers to the finsih line on the last lap. I finished 12th. This to me is just downright bullshit and sucks the fun right out of this game. There are just way too many power ups. Why change a forumla that worked in all the other games. Another thing too thing which I can't understand is why did they take out a lives system for retrying tracks. This game relys on too much luck so when you get screwed over when your trying to get gold to unlock tracks on the last track in the cup, it a is a slap in the face.

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