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: Battletoads (NES)
What seems to be a great game is tainted by its overly unjustified difficulty. What is seen as a classic, should be seen as the game that caused adults and kids to swear every 10 seconds. If you know anyone with a short temper, ask them if they ever played Battletoads. If their answer is yes... then that explains a lot. Doug rants like only he knows how.

: X-men (Mega Drive/Genesis)
Benny J explains that not all book or movie based IP's have to suck. This one is actually good. To sum it up :


Read on!

: Surfs Up (Wii)
Think about how good Wake Boarding Unleashed on PS2 was, now replace the wake board with a surfboard, take away people and replace with penguins and a chicken, replace the polished sound track with B grade tunes and make the game play feel retarded and restrictive, then you have this horrible excuse for a cash in.

: Track and Field in Barcelona (NES)
Doug realises that if a game looks like shit, it can still be great fun and simple ideas can often make for a great game. A $5 bargain bin game, turned out to be an uncountable amount of Saturdays having comps with mates to see how far we could get.


: Questions 10th Sept, 07
Rodger gets asked the serious questions about booze and Dance Dance Revolution and explains how Doug is stealing Rodgers "thunder"

: Week of 1st - 7th of September 07
Doug realises that he is too old for this shit. He explains why you shouldn't have pulp in your orange juice and the importance of knowing the amount of left handed people there is in the world. The poop is fresh in this post. Read on!

: Captain America and the Avengers (NES)
BennyJ looks back on this game, explaining how while being good, made him want to throw a brick at it at the same time . What was a fun thing to do on the weekend turned out, rather than  a pleasure, to be a pain in the ass; but he wouldn't have it any other way. Read On!


: Kings Arthurs World (SNES)
Doug looks back on a game that isn't really known about, but ensures us that it’s great and if you want lemmings with a plot this game is for you. Read on!

: Dance Dance Revolution Supernova (PS2)

Doug talks about the one thing he loves more then any thing, Dance Dance Revolution, but what gave him great memories has now turned him off the idea of ever playing it at home and with the lack of machines around these days, he is some what scared. Read on!

: Week of 21st - 25th of August 07

Doug is up for this crap again, reviewing a whole new bunch of questions. Questions this week range from, sleeping to the way we get our music. Fun stuff!

: Nerdisum for cars?
Benny J realises that either geeks are getting out of the house, or realises that he is a geek for noticing the fact that this number plate reminds him of something. Read on!

: New Wii accessory
Could this be one of the most dumbest inventions of this time? or possibly one of the most coolest things we don't really need? Nyko's new prototype product is up for review and we think its cool and we will tell you why! read on! Nyko! Please send us one! we will road test the living hell out of it.

: Questions 14th of Aug, 07

We welcome Rodger to his own section on the website. Where real life people ask him questions!

: Beverly Hills Cop (PS2)
  Doug realises for the 9837th time that 'movie to game' games lost the plot a very long time ago.  What's worse is that it's based on one of his favourite movies - ever!  What's even worse is that it's a Euro/Aus only budget game!  What do you get when you take away Eddie Murphy and humour?  This piece of crap.  A boycott must occur, banning all 'movie to games'.  The pain must stop now. What sucks about this game? Pretty much everything. Read on.

: Week of 24th - 30th of June 07

Doug reviews the latest questions and ponders the question of life. More to the point, who comes up with this #@$~! ?

: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)
Dougs relives the hell that was his childhood over this game. He assures us he actually likes the game now, even though it's a huge joke these days.





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