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: Captain America and the Avengers (Mega Drive/Genesis)
Avengers Assemble! This is a game that will get comic book fans' blood pumping! Check out what the ultimate geek, Benny J, had to say about it!

: Return sale hell
Stacy realises that now Christmas trade is finally over, a far worse form of 'sale' begins.. Returns! Read on and Stacy will make you think twice about flippantly tossing a receipt in the bin. Read on!

: Trog (NES)
While Trog may be a game that is often forgotten, its charm and overall cuteness wins people over. What some see as "Pacman with a skin put on it", we see as fun for all ages in 2 player glory. Read how Doug finds this game after all these years.

: Do Ebay people even know what a console looks like?
We were shocked, when we saw this on the main page of ebay.com.au. Now we are wondering if the people at Ebay actually know what a game console looks like? What else is wrong? Read on...

: Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Master System)
While Stacy may want to be Alex Kidd's wife, she looks back at what started her desire for Mr Kidd. She actually loved the game that everyone seems to remember as the "free game that was built into the Master System 2". The question remains; was Alex Kidd overshadowed by other mascots? Or was the market just not ready to see a Janken match as "cool"? Read on!

: Wii'd off
Stacy has her first rant on the state of the world and how much a certain gaming company is making life hard for everyone this christmas, if you live in the UK that is.

: Outlander (Mega Drive/Genesis)
Outlander is a game which many probably have never really played or heard of. We guess that most people would probably want to keep it that way. Benny J explains why this game may look the goods, but fails like there’s no tomorrow.

: Whats Wrong with Super Mario Galaxy? (Wii)
Finally, we get our hands on this kick ass game, being the last country on earth to get a copy. If you listen to what has been said by other reviewers, this game has nothing really to complain about. But no matter how good a game is, you can still highlight the things that annoyed the crap outta you. Don't expect positive things in this review as too many people have already done that. By the ranting man, Doug. Read on!

: Athletic World (NES)
Before dance mats there were powerpads? We will remember this game not because it's good, but because it taints the fact that the NES had great Athletic games. Benny J explains the pain that is Athletic World. Tripping and looking unco never look so wrong.

: Questions 29th oct 07
Rodger talks about his arcading experience with the boys. It's hard when you're a donkey, but even harder when you're good at games. Rodger explains how he kicks ass and how bad the other team members are at games.

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