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: Trog (NES)

Trog was a coin-op classic which was converted to the NES platform. It's one of these games that comes off cute. It's even hard to hate the bad guys! Rayman Raving Rabbids proved that even the bad guys can be loved more then the hero. The concept of this game is very simple; the Caveman are hungry and would love some dinosaur to devour.

Who's the bad guy? The dinosaur kinda looks like a cross between Barney and Baby Bop (Don't ask me how I know that).

This is the gameplan: Avoid all cavemen and collect the eggs and exit without getting eaten.

So the basic game play is you need to collect all the eggs and exit the level, which feels very much like Pacman, just not as enclosed. It somewhat scares me how fast the cavemen eat you, as within seconds you already see the rib cage! Woah! Fast eaters! Wouldn't want to be around when they hit the toilet.

Would hate to see this guy at an 'all you can eat' restaurant!

Run to the exit!

There's a lot of levels in this game which include many colourful locations, with many different power ups or power downs. This takes the whole Pacman power up idea to a new level. The good power up is when you eat a pineapple. Go figure! How a pineapple turns you into a Jurassic park like killing machine, we don't know. The power downs are the black holes which make you instantly lose a life and the mushrooms that slow you down for a short period of time. While the plants speed you up and the good thing is, the more plants you eat the faster you go. This is great when you have, like, four plants very close to each other.

Pineapples make me strong and make it possible to scare and eat cavemen. Who thought that was a good idea for a power up!?

Every time you finish a level, you get this end screen. I can't help but think that this is a very early 90's game. Why? Because Vanilla Ice used to say yo and possibly used the same font on his cd's!

However, just like all games it has a few flaws. As there is so many different levels, warp zones appear totally randomly and they are often on the side of the screen your no where near and by the time you get to it, it's gone and you might not see another warp zone for another 10 or so levels. It's so random and annoying!


Turn dinosaur into pizza? How does that work?

Another thing that annoyed me is the controls. They are way too stiff and often non responsive. The dinosaur feels like it's on rails. I have died so many times because a tap on the left or right D-pad didn't register. It would also be nice if you could stop the dinosaur as it would be nice to wait for caveman to get out of your way and add to the strategy aspects of the game. However this game is still great fun. Maybe not as much as it could of been if they fixed up the small controlling issues.

The 2 player mode, is more of the same but just more fun. The good things are, that you can't block each other's paths. While it's really fun, sometimes sprites clipping happens, which is natural for the Nintendo. Even with the flaws this game is still great fun and even more so in the two player mode. The positives still outweigh the flaws. Don't forget to check out this classic, it's innocent, addictive and overall fun to play.

Ranted by Doug

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