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: Surfs Up (Wii)

This game yet again proves the whole movie to games , just doesn't work. Ok, Ok there was Goldeneye. That's only one out of at least 100 that were released over the years.

Now surf's up is to cash in on the movie staring penguins surfing like they are pros going to a surfing contest or something. They are no Kelly Slaters.

A bad ass penguin and a retarded looking chicken, I can't wait, the excitement is killing me.

This is surprisingly hard to work out how to delete, why would you have the delete option in the out of the letter selection section? Bad Gui design.. and I haven't even got into the game yet!

The point of this game is to finish objectives, just like any other sport hybrid game. How ever all these objectives are just "run through objects and collect stuff", there's no real fun or unexpected things at all in this game. I have spent about 2 hours on this game and as I write this, I've almost fell asleep, it's just one mindless void of being bored. I'm sure the kids will more then likely, like this game but even then I'm sure they have experienced the joy that is Tony Hawk games and this is like going back to Mario Bros when you played Super Mario Brothers. Ok that was a bit of a extreme example but it's true.

What is the point of this? Your in a wave that goes for like 10 hours, if you stay in the middle of it your ok... what's the point of this crap, this should be the hardest part of surfing but this is child's play to the rest of the game.

This got me thinking, what are the odds of a chicken on a surfboard, in the ice caps? Don't they freeze chickens in that temp?

Know there is a fun part this to game believe it or not, although its still not great. Leaf slide is like the sliding sections in Mario 64 and Rayman 2, just no were near as good. But you have to UNLOCK them. It's like "Ok Doug, eat all your veggies then you can eat the chocolate". So basically you got to be bored for about 10 hours then you can actually play a level that is some what fun but turns out to be more frustrating.

Penguins on leafs? I thought they just used there bodys, like every other animal seems to do. This game makes you want to jump into the lava with the bad controls. You'd be better acctually sliding around in a real volcanno then acctually passing it in this game.

I know I have bagged the game, but unlike the other games I have subjected to doing a "budget hell" on, this one actually is presented ok. However saying that is like your dating a really hot blonde girl and then realise she's about as entertaining as playing Wii sports with a garden rake.

The soundtrack, is pretty poor, its the typical rock pop that they use in a lot of teen movies and are quickly forgotten about, this is probably just to keep the costs down.

Your better off leaving this one the hell alone , unless you want more penguins. But I think it's been way too over done lately. The overall package is passable but what it has in style, it lacks in fun and game play. If I was a kid I wouldn't be bragging that I own this game and would stick this game on ebay and trade in for a better wii game if thats possible, they are pretty bad.

Ranted by Doug

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