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: Track and Field in Barcelona (NES)

Now this game has to be one of the best games ever. Now before I go any further, just a few things I don't understand. This game was released by Komani in the US and Kemco released it in pal country's and just removed the Komani logos in the game. I don't understand why this is the case but I'm assuming Kemco wanted to think they acctually had one good game in there library, because lets face it, Bugs Bunny was a shit game.


What extaclty is Kemco presenting?

Shouldn't that be Licensed by Nintendo? Looks like Kemco couldn't even get that right and lets face it there's not a lot of text to get right in this game.

Now this is the most basic intro screen I have ever seen in my life. You could imagine my reaction when I saw this for the first time. It went something like this "Oh my god, no wonder it was $5". The basics of the game are you have events to finish and you have to qualify in every event to move onto the next one and the events would get harder to pass every rotation. There is actually a end to this game, which is somewhere in the 6th round I think. Now its time to explain the events.



Going back to this screen again you can see the A and B modes. All this is that in B mode you start a few rounds ahead.

These are all the events in this game and you have to do all of them, doh! but you can select which one you want to start with, guess that's something.

100 meter dash, This involved a quick finger on the A button and press it until you cant feel your hands any more. But if your lazy and just get over it quickly then a auto fire controller was a must. But this was cheating. The CPU player is surprisingly good sometimes, not that you have to beat him, but you have to beat the qualifying time and this time got shorter every round your would finish, just like with all the other events in the game.






Qualify is 14, and another question why cant you be the cpu player, its a bit racist isn't? Ok why does it say 1up? and not 1P, this isn't mario is it?

 You gotta love turbo buttons.

Now long jump, which is basically the sprint with a jump at the end (who would of thought). Now this one gets really hard in about the 5th round even with the auto fire. We did once some how get off the screen and get something crazy like a 17metres or something insane.


This looks like the last event, it kinda does but theres a giant huge sand pit. Well I think it looks like sand.

Turbo buttons are awesome, no way in hell I could of pulled off a world record!

110 Hurdles is pretty much the 100m dash with the need to press up over the hurdles and a extra 10m. It is a bit hard to master even with the turbo pad but its fun as hell.



This would be me in real life crashing into the shit.

Turbo button wins again! Why is my dude flexing.

Javelin throw was damn fun, basically the same idea as the long jump but there's more to do with the way you direct it after running. The max we ever got was about 130 meters.




Its like the last one but you have a stick! haha.

Throw that shit man!

Triple jump is a whole waste of time really its like long jump but you have have to "prance 3 times" even though it looks the same as long jump, it's still fun to get the 3 jumps perfect.



Foul my ass!

Hahahaha look how far he jumped.

Skeet shooting round was bar far the best mini game, it involved shit coming out of the left and right sides, and you needed to press left or right at the right times to shot em. Now it was possible to get a perfect score which involved shooting a crow and a UFO or something like that (do you see that shit at the Olympics?).




This has to be the best graphics in the game, and the dude kinda looks like Mario. But this is bar far the best event in the whole game.

Looks like I can't shoot for shit, I swear I used to max it out when I was like 10. Hahah just proves you get shit-er when you get older.

Archery was the worse event, mainly because it was the only event that required thinking and timing, which when your 9 or 10, you don't have the skill (I don't think I even have that now at 25).


You even have to worry about the wind. Reminds me of golf, but yeah wind is a bitch.

Unless your a god this is hard to pass most times.

High jump was the dumpest event, as far as I could work out you could never select your hight so you could NEVER even break a world record, so I don't know what the point of this event was. Another reason I'm thinking is because Kemco's version was probably faulty, but maybe that's the charm we liked about this game.


Love the graphics, so basic!

Hahaha, Look how high he got looks like hes standing really high above it. Looks like hes moonwalking over it... wooo!

Heres a bit of a trick you can do, if you fail a event and the guy is doing some sort of cry press pause, now your player and crowd go ape shit! But you still fail, I don't know if it's a flaw or just something a funny joke.

For people that would like to relive this game, there is a almost faithful version on xbox live arcade, which is more based on the arcade version, but for some reason the shittier graphics suit this game better. This game is often forgotten and always made for a kick ass fun time with the mates. Get it off EBay or something, you owe it to yourself!

Ranted by Doug

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