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: Questions 10th Sept, 07

It's great to see that I am actually being asked questions for once, for a gaming site, my questions seemed to be aimed about chicks and drinking. Well you wont hear any complaints from me about that! Lets get on with the questions.

Dan asks: Rodger how to you handle your booze and do you want to get pissed with us?

Oh $#% yeah! I Handle it awesome, but its hard for me... because I "Wii" it out as soon as I drink it so I need at least 3 six packs to feel an affect. But yeah... I love rubbing it in to Doug that I can drink more, but however saying that he always goes on about how he only spent $10 were I spent about $50 and he's passed out on the floor.

I'll drink anything even the cheap shit, long as its booze

Ollie asks : Being able to dance must be great, did Doug show you some moves when he was practising his DDR skills?

Well thanks Ollie, finally, I get some recognition, its always "Doug does this, Doug does that". I am the one that showed him the skill of "DDR" and only because I can only press one arrow at a time, Doug had to help me (you try being the size of one arrow panel). While I was getting better.... the girlies started to watch us (me) play. Doug thinks they were there for him, but we all know the truth. So the answer to your question is Ollie, I showed HIM how to dance.

Brian asks : Rodger what's the go with the boots?

Yes I realise they look like army boots, but my old shoes kept getting warn out on the DDR machine, and its bit embarrassing seeing Doug going to the kids section at the shoe store to get me new shoes. While its funny as hell to see, its not so funny when he gives me the shoes and everyone is looking at me!

Remember to ask me questions in the forum! Who the ^%#@ wants a wii bar, I'd rather food!

Ranted by Rodger

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