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: Week of 1st - 7th of September 07

Ok, I'm starting to question the point of this Wii channel, they don't use it for any real purpose. I mean why not have votes for what Virtual Console game is coming next, or what we would like to see in a new channel. No, we just have to put up with pointless shitty questions, and hope one day someone other then a 6yr old posts a question.

Global Question


The answer that Nintendo wants to know, how many right handed people there are too left-handed. Is this some kind of marketing ploy or some shit? Are they planning to remove left handed options in games if only a few people vote for lefties? Seems like another pointless question, ask yourself this "How many people do you know that are left handed?", if your answer is anything more then 0 then congrats to you! I vote Right, or I could just vote Left to screw with the results! Why do we really want to know the answer to this, just Google the shit!

Local Questions, Brisbane, au


Ok, this question actually made me think a little. I reckon the pulp tastes like shit, if you like the feeling of sucking orange juice through a filter of pulp which could lead you to sucking too hard and passing out, then vote for pulp. Seriously do you see the option for pulp at Boost Juice, or any juice bar? Well I say no pulp on this one, and as mostly kids on this crappy thing, they will be pussies like me and say they hate pulp. 


Hahahah! People that know me personally are going to laugh before they even read my response. I'm one of these people that hate reading. I'd rather just get in there and get pissed off that I don't know what I'm doing in a game. I remember the amount of times my dad goes "Doug, if you read the instructions you would know what you're doing!". I would respond with "Dad its a rental game, I don't have time to read the book!". I mean really I was just too lazy to read it! As there's a lot of suck ups on this thing I reckon people will vote for reading. I vote strongly for "no".



Ummmm, has anyone not? I mean I've seen at least 5 of em that I can remember. I'm kinda wondering the point of this question, as it's it more of one of them "who gives a shit" questions. I Vote yes as I'm assuming the rest of the population will.


Ranted by Doug

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