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: Kings Arthurs World (SNES)

This game came in the early days of the SNES line up of games, often forgotten, mainly due to its rather lack of hype and short store life. This game was released in 1994 in .au and it was made by Argonaut software, a UK based developer which were the same guys to make Starfox (Starwing) for the SNES.

It was weird, how I got this game. I was at the markets one day, dying for a new game, and someone had this game for sale for about $30 which was a bargain at the time, so we grabbed it and we never looked back on the buy.

This game was the first SNES game to use Dolby Surround sound and sounds awesome even for today's standards. Although it kinda makes me wonder what the point of surround sound is if your playing a 2D game, but anyway it's a nice touch.

The aim of the game is to get King Arthur to the pot of gold at the end of the level. To stop him along the way is some crazy enemy's and the odd door here and there to stop your progress. What made this game what it is, is its charm, its got a excellent soundtrack which tries to keep you at ease through out the game and often uses some classical greats to really enhance the feeling.

Arthur himself next to what he loves the most gold! You can send out your archers to take out the higher enemies and you can set the differnt heights of attack.

When you look at this game you think it kinda re mind's you of lemmings. In some ways you would be right, you have to get someone to the end of the level, and to do this you have a particular amount of people available for each level that particular activities and it does give you that lemmings vibe that there's only like one or two right ways of going about things , especially in the later levels.

The main idea of this game is to send your troops out to take care of enemies and pitfalls that could cause King Arthur death, so only once you make the path clear you would move King Arthur. However in some levels it did require you to send Arthur out to help out from time to time even though it was rare you had to do that.

The enemies in the game are just down right fun, even though rather easy, kinda makes up for the hardness of some of the later levels. This usually involved a overly large catapult and some large beast.

The puzzle design is nothing short of brilliant and were I thought the 10+ training levels was a bit over kill, you realise you needed about 20 to fully understand what every character can actually do.

The graphics were very good considering it was in the early days of SNES and with the nice smooth sound track, makes this game a great engaging experience.

As with every game there is a few flaws, or should I say things I wish they added. Such as like half way save points for them really really long levels (some took us over 2 hours to get right, and when Arthur dies you just want to smash something). Another thing too, which lemmings got right was a speed up button, which is really needed, as Arthur walks so damn slow and feels like a really unneeded experience when you took so long to clear his path.

However it's still a kick ass game, and I think everyone should at least give it a go. I think the only reason this game suffered retail wise was the box art, it gave you no idea what it was about. I mean it looks like its a twisted world view on King Arthur when its a simple and honest and unique game concept based on particular time period. We love this game, hopefully it will come out on Virtual Console one day for your sake. This game would really suit the DS (wink wink).

Ranted by Doug

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