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: Dance Dance Revolution Supernova (PS2)

Ok, some of you are probably wondering... why aren't you reviewing Dancing Stage as your a Aussie. I just have this to say... I don't want to listen to Kylie songs and one hit wonder euro pop hits, so therefore I had to import this one in and check it out for myself.

Ooooo pretty screen

Why is there so many differnt modes? I just want to @%#%'n dance! Stellar mode? Does this look like bloody Nasa?

I was still disappointed in the lack of decent songs, and as being a dance dance revolution game, lacks all songs your used to having on the arcade, like some endless remake of Afronova or Healing Vision. Instead we get a lot of USA pop rubbish, which is a little better then the dancing stage versions. However saying that, I don't understand why they couldn't add some of the Asian dance music we learnt to love in the old days. Dance Dance Revolution isn't posed to be normal songs, its posed to be songs you have never heard or never will on normal radio. I mean honestly have you ever heard healing vision on radio? I rest my case.

Seriously this is the best song on here "Since u been gone" by Kelly Clarkson, can't believe I'm saying that.

Animation is a plus, pity the songs suck.

The Euro and USA versions are based on whats popular at the moment, which isn't really a good thing as it doesn't age well, weres with the asain songs you never heard of before, never seem to go old. They might as well call it Teenie Bopper Revolution.

I wish I didn't have to bag this game as DDR means a lot to me but the lack of good and remembered songs, I have to say I didn't enjoy it. Another thing too... they lock songs so you don't know what's actually on the damn thing, but the thing is with DDR is that you can usually, pick any song and practice it till you fall over, but instead you have to go through all the shit songs just so you can get to ones you may like. I just think for a fitness and just overall fun game, it doesn't need this level of "unlocking" as you never had to do that shit at a arcade.

I know I have been bagging out this game, even though I have done that, this game is amazingly polished, the animations are smooth and video play back on such videos as the fall out boy one, is dvd quality, if only they did this on the other DDR versions for the Playstation. I just dont like the songs and in DDR that's everything. I guess that happens when you adopt a version to another country, like tv shows its not always successful, only people new to the series will probably love it.

The online play I never bothered with because mainly I ran out of ports on my router and I cant be bothered getting a switch just for one console. And as for the eye toy I have no idea because I don't own one.. but I think, anything were you doing shit with your hands at the same time as dancing is a bad idea. I reckon it should just stick to the basics of DDR as even when you play against someone your more interested in just passing the song or helping your mate keep in the game and visa versa, more then making it a competition.

I think I will have to import the Japan versions, so I can get my old school feel for the DDR that I feel in love with, with classic DDR classics. I can understand why Step Mania is so popular even though it is probably some what illegal its the only way to get the songs you want and get in the practice until you hit the arcades.

Ranted by Doug

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