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: Week of 21st - 25th of August 07

This week the questions get lamer and lamer but I pose that's good because I can rip into it more :D. Enjoy.

The Global Question:

This is such an important question to ask. I mean who really gets more then eight hours of sleep these days. I mean in the times of slow Internet and things such as World of Warcraft which seems to turn most people into zombies and leads to people being anti - social. Anyway this question is crap I mean if you say you get more then 8 hours sleep then your a whoosie. I used to be a 8+ hourr sleeper but I realised I got to harden up. So I reckon all the teenieboppers in the world will vote for 8+ hours, and people like me that shouldn't be on this channel in the first place will vote less then eight.

My Local Questions (Qld, au)

Now this is a bit of a open ended question, I'm sure people will say I'd rather a CD as its a physical item. The only thing I have against that is the fact that you lose the damn things or do what I did and ended up breaking a Linkin Park cd with my car door by accident. Cds are great but not practical for most people in cars as they just get damaged. The main reason I would go for cd is the fact that online places rip at such crap bit rates and sound like a washing machine with a system worth more then $100. 128k is not cd quality, never will be. So what I would say buy the cd, rip it then store it somewhere. I reckon the teenieboppers will go with cd and as I'm hoping to be one soon I will go with cd.

Ok, now this question really made me laugh. Don't worry that there is like cancer and aids... lets cure something like hiccups and sneezing. Hahaha but if I had to pick I would have to go with hiccups, because sneezing scares people some times and that's fun. I think they will vote for hiccups too as its annoying as hell.

Isn't this just the dumbest question you have ever seen so far. I mean who cares. Most people just disable em if they don't want them. Dumb question, so I vote yes and I expect everyone to go "Oooo but I like smiles". My response to them people are, why don't you get a pretty email program and pretend to be cool like everyone else!

Ranted by Doug

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