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: New Wii accessory
Now the Wii has been out for a while, and I think people realise it's more of a "lets get the mates around and get pissed" console.

What are the main problems when playing Wii while having a piss up?
  • Chips everywhere
  • Drinks get warm
  • Controllers are everywhere
  • Controllers get flat because were too lazy to buy or recharge battery's.
This is a picture of a typical Wii playing "piss-up" experience.

"A typical wii party night at mine"

Now Nyko has been called "crazy" for realising there new Wii party "machine" as I like to call it. As its big and basically offers solutions for all the four dot points I mentioned. But all of us at Donkeygamer think this new accessory will be awesome. Its a shame we don't have one to test, probably due to the fact we are all Aussies here and we never get shit still like 2 years later.

The awesome beast that is....

Nyko if you read this , please send us one, even if we have to pay for it, we will give it, the review it clearly deserves. If it doesn't sell in the states I'm sure it will sell in Aussie land as its the "Wii piss up capital of the world". And who really likes the aftermath of cleaning shit up after a video game piss up!

Ranted by Doug

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