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: Beverly Hills Cop (PS2)
When I saw this game in my local EB store I almost lost my mind, thinking "About time someone made this a game, it could really be awesome, if it were made right". I really don't know were to start describing this game. Before I go any further, I would like to highlight the fact that Eddie Murphy, or even a look alike, is missing from the front cover. I mean, the car on the front cover could've been anyones!

What's wrong, you haven't even played the game yet?

Why do they need two "Beverly Hills Cop" logos? Just looks wrong
This by far has to be the best part of the game where you see the trees moving along. Now another thing is, it's some random 80s tune in the background which is actually good but it's not the axel F theme!

For a licensed game, why isn't there any real music or theme? Surely it's owned by Paramount and the amount of old 80's "movie theme" cds floating around should indicate it shouldn't be hard to get the theme in the game. What I think must have happened was this company was making a similar game based on the idea of Beverly Hills Cop, then later on actually got the rights for it. As this movie is close to my heart I will be going over this game like there's no tomorrow.

Ok, lets see why I hate this game.

I love how it says in the manual "The cut-scenes aren't there just to look nice. Each one contains valuable information on what to do" Well it lacks an intro and throws you right into the game, Why am I at a chop shop? What is actually suss? Who knows, but I like not knowing what I'm doing in a game.

"These guys don't like cops" Do any bloody criminals like cops? I can just imagine one going "Hello officer, would you like a cup of tea while I run away?".
"Looks like I'll be going IN with the trash." Why is IN in capitals. Is that a joke? Or is it a real HINT to go into or in this case on top of the trash can? If anyone can understand the joke, please tell me.

As you can see in the last screen shot Axel has dark skin, but have a look in the loading and cut scenes.

He has a black hand and white face, since when was axel bald! and look at the size of that hand its like bigger then his whole face.
He looks more like the dude from hitman then axel.

The first part you are just stealth walking around, and you can't get detected or its game over. Which is shit because you NEVER put an annoying stealth part as the first part of the game. Anyway, after almost throwing the controller at the screen, I got into the garage with a change of dress.

I thought "Ok, I'll shoot one of the guards for a laugh". Then they return fire.. but what I found really funny was the fact it seems the AI is so bad if you're a certain angle from the guards they just keep pretending to fire. I wanted to make sure it was an AI problem so I tried it and it happened almost every damn time.

I had planned to go through a lot more of this game but due to its lack of basic AI, and basic Beverly Hills Cop dynamics, I wont put myself through this shit. So the game goes on eBay tonight. They could have done so much with this game. Paramount should be ASHAMED they let this piecee of crap on the market. Enough Said - AVOID!

Ranted by "Beverly Hills Cop fan" Doug

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